psychic question answers needed can u help?

psychic question answers needed can u help?
am going to buy an appartment and i want to know whats the stars have to say?
and i met this lovely girl and am really interested but i dont know what will happen next. thank u
first name is nadeem my bday is april 9th 1986
stars or tarot i welcome both

Answer by Joe A
How are we supposed to tell you, you haven’t even provided your birth date

Answer by angeljenuk
I don’t do stars but I do read the Tarot!

The 1st card I got for you is The Lovers. This card symbolises love, fulfilment, union, choice and surrender. Love requires surrender and surrender requires choice. Be sure of your actions.

The 2nd card I got was a reversed 5 of Wands. This card symbolises inner conflict and suppressed anger. The challenge posed is How should I act? What should I do? Sometimes the best option is to remain silent to diffuse the situation. I’m getting a feeling of a legal issue? Maybe something contract related?

The 3rd card I got is the Ace of Cups. This card heralds a deepening of a relationship. Now is the time to foster and nurture your relationship. This card brings love, inspiration, blessings and fruitful dreaming.

Hope this helps!


If you are strongly, reliably and accurately psychic, answer the following as directly as possible?
1. Is this cancer man stalking me?
2. Is he playing mind games with me?
3. Does he want me?
4. Is he seeing someone else?
5. What are his intentions towards me?

The reason i’m asking repeatedly is to seek validation and consistency in the responses, and i believe there are certain ppl with clairvoyant or psychic gifts, so please do not delete this question. Thanks

Answer by Jimmy Hutton
anyone claming to be psychic is on drugs and a loser

Answer by tu ma es loca
Some people are physchic, but astrology is not real and satanic

Answer by Cletus
And what will be your conclusion when you finally realize there’s no consistency to be had?

Bobo the psychic answers questions about celebrities. This video was uploaded by ItsKingsleyBitch and subsequently removed. Enjoy, and subscribe for more old Kingsley videos!

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2 Responses to psychic question answers needed can u help?

  1. liquidsilicon July 12, 2012 at 4:42 am #

    stalking, probably not, watching and observing, most likely
    i doubt he is “playing games”, when 2 people start to know each other there is a lot of confusion and it might seem like games are being played.
    if he is paying enough attention to you to get to know you then most likely he likes you.
    if he is a decent and attractive man there is a good chance others think so too, he probably has other female friends, im not sure exactly what you mean by “seeing”.
    his intentions would be to know you and see if he thought a relationship between the two of you would be something he would want.
    im not psychic per say but i am perceptive and a good judge of people

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  2. Adi M July 12, 2012 at 4:35 am #

    the answer is YES to 3 of those questions. it is unclear which 3 they are…

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