Where can I get a 100% FREE psychic reading? I have only one question?

Where can I get a 100% FREE psychic reading? I have only one question?
I want to get a reading done and I only have one question. I really don’t trust these websites they say they’ll give you a free reading then ask for 1.99+ per min. I only have one question it can be yes or no I don’t even need the details. I need someone honest and trustworthy.

Answer by Edgar F
Only if you have a friend or family member that is into that type of stuff. Most are quacks, and do it for a paycheck.

Answer by Anna
You can’t. They’re all scammer and cons out to prey on your weakness. There’s no just thing as Psychics, just scammers.

Answer by Blue Cherry No
Online I got one done it was free for the first question I wont post it on here but you can email me Id be more then haps to give you site.

I would like to know what my future holds: I need a free psychic reading, if it’s ok?
I’m a 1992 Leo and I want to know what will my future hold as far as it comes to relationships, love, and as well as the outcome. If it’s ok with you, may I have a free psychic reading please? Thanks!

Answer by ashxcool
I since a warm and sunny day tomorrow and for you my dear, I think you should go outside and play because you will be filled with warmth and love today!

Answer by Mike H
I don’t know, I’m not psychic

Answer by Sammi
You have already met your true love. And you don’t know it.

I’m Lawrence of Los Angeles or LA, I’ve been doing psychic readings for over 3o years. I read the eyes, I’ll answer a question for free, just send me the question with a photo of the person that the question relates to. No cost to you just send it to anchor4u@aol.com or go to my website lawrenceofla.com


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  1. Piltdown Man May 15, 2012 at 10:08 pm #

    Sorry, no freebies here. We psychics have to make an (honest) living, you know!

  2. Your # 1 Answer May 15, 2012 at 10:08 pm #

    i can read your future

    i do psychic readings,
    i will answer
    Past, present, future… love, marriage, business, success…will answer all questions.
    If you need any further information,

    e-mail me


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